Wolfsheim - Kein zuruck

Do you still know, how it was? Childhood-wonderful: The world is colorful and lovely Until some day you understand That not every good bye Means that there will be a reunion Always forward. Step by step. There is no way back. What now is, will never be undone. The time goes forward What's done is done And what is now, will never happen again that way There is no way back There is no way back One word too much said in anger A step dared too far And it's over. Whatever now is done, Whatever I have said, is said. And what seemed eternal, is already past. Oh, if i only could Just once Turn time backwards. Cause so much of that What i know today I'd rather never seen. Your life only goes in circles So full of wasted time. You endlessly postpone your dreams Some day you want to live your life But if not today, so when? Cause some day even a dream is too far away.

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